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Tower 67 Ordered

Order Placed For Tower 67

The Rohrerstown Fire Company is proud to announce the order of a Pierce Mfg Ascendant Aerial Tower. The new Tower 67 will greatly improve our operations due to the shorter overall length, lighter overall weight, shorter wheelbase, and improved below-grade capabilities. The Ascendant Tower will carry all of the necessary truck company equipment, including the following ladder compliment: (1) 35’ extension, (2) 28’ extension, (1) 24’ extension, (1) 20’ roof, (3) 16’ roof, (1) 16’ extension, (1) 13’ little giant, (1) 12’ Fresno, (1) 12’ folding, (1) 10’ folding, and (1) 7’ VES ladder.

We would like to thank the East Hempfield Township Supervisors & Fire Chief for their support throughout the apparatus replacement process, as well as for their overall support of the fire service. A big thank you also goes to the members of the apparatus replacement committee that spent most of the past year designing a Tower that will undoubtedly serve East Hempfield and surrounding areas well for many years