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Tower 67 due on the Second Alarm

Lancaster City Multi-Alarm Fire

On Monday, March 13th, a first alarm assignment was sent to the 500 block of North Plum Street in Lancaster City for a residential structure fire. First arriving companies located fire in a row of ten homes that was quickly spreading. Tower 67 was alerted to the second alarm, positioned at the corner of Hamilton Street and North Plum Street, and covered the front with the tower bucket and stream. Member operated for several hours performing vertical ventilation and hydraulic overhaul.

Please go to https://www.capitalcityfirephotos.com/2023-Photo-Stories/31323-Lancaster-PA-N-Plum-St/?fbclid=IwAR2S6MKGza5MIeIb4q1LSIZQj8fU3f3hRvjvHbxSGWfHbD9LpLXJxhk2nQg for additional photos.