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Engine and Tower assist Co. 66 on House Fire

pAt 0313 hours on August 23 crews were alerted as part of the Working Fire Dispatch to assist Lancaster Township Co. 66 with a house on fire.nbsp E671 T67 and Chief 67 Dommel responded with a total of 13 personnel.nbsp On Arrival T67 was assigned as the RIT while the crew of E671 was assigned to the Manpower Staging Area.nbsp The crew of E671 was quickly split into three teams with crews assisting in laddering the structure advancing a 2 12quot attack line to the second floor and operating a 1 34quot attack line in the area of origin knocking down remaining hotspots.nbsp Crews from Co. 67 worked the scene for just under two hours before being released to service.ppUnits Operating E661 Lancaster Township E662 E663 E671 E681 West Lancaster R512 Willow Street R65 Millersville R66 SQ715 Mountville T512 T66 and T67.ppAdditional Calls for service during the day included a first due Commercial Gas Leak a first due Commercial Fire Alarm and Class 1 Motor Vehicle Collision assisting Co. 715 Mountville.p